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Consulate Endorsement Facilitation (CEF)
One-stop-shop Service at Chamber

Application procedures for consulate endorsement are not always straightforward. Traders with little experience or out of date information may have their applications rejected, which costs time and money.

With its decades of certification experience, the Chamber has expanded its service to cover Consulate Endorsement Facilitation (CEF). It is a one-stop-shop service that allows Chamber clients to apply for Consulate Endorsement and Chamber Certification in one go at any of the Chamber’s certification offices.


Experienced Chamber staff check applications to ensure full compliance.


Both Chamber Certification and Consulate Endorsement services can be completed within 2 working days.


No need to visit Consulates. Applications can be made by post or in person at the Chamber’s offices.

Terms and Condition
Certification of Documents
HKGCC's Commercial Document Service allows users to prepare and check their Commercial applications over the Internet. The Service also provides companies with pre-lodgement checking to reduce travelling time spent on making corrections. Users can also access their past application records, Payment statement and the latest news on certification via this site

Counter Lodging
After online submission, users have to bring the following for counter lodgement:
1. Print and fill in 'Application and Declaration Form'
2. Submit a photocopy of business registration certificate
3. Document to be certified in two copies (one copy will be kept in Chamber)
4. Supporting documents (if required):

Document may be issued or deferred for amendment upon further examination on submitted documents. Provided there is no complication on the submitted documents, certified commercial document will be issued at the counter in 4 hours.

- Please provide a photo copy of the business registration for verification.
- The Chamber has the rights to verify the submitted documents and request any supporting documents from applicant as required.
- The Chamber neither assumes not accepts liability for any loss or damage resulting from the commercial certification.
- The Chamber may, without assigning any reason, refuse to accept any application.
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